* Purchasing Information

Purchasing Information


There are 2 ways of buying from fireworksph.com:

1) PREPAID RESERVATION AND PICK-UP - Use our online store interface normally.  Prepay your order with your credit card (Philippine Peso) or Paypal account (US Dollars) for pick-up at our CW Home Depot office in Pasig City. We request the buyer to personally come with their original credit card on hand and any government ID for identification purposes.

2) BANK DEPOSIT AND DELIVERY - Available only outside of the peak industry dates (any date except December 23 to December 31).  Contact us through email and place your orders through fireworksph@gmail.com.  Deposit the full amount to our Banco de Oro or Chinabank account, and for a PhP 500 additional fee, we can deliver the items to your intended Metro Manila address.  Likewise, store pick-up is also possible with this option.

We can process online Philippine Peso payments with Visa, MasterCard, JCB cards, AMEX, as well as through PayPal. USD payments are coursed entirely through PayPal. We can also accept a number of cryptocurrencies. Please contact us for more details.


GET 10% OFF ON ORDERS PAID WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY.  Send us a copy of your intended order at fireworksph@gmail.com.  We'll compute the total at current rates, and send the appropriate sending address.  We are regretfully still working on an automated integration for this payment method at present.

Philippine HSBC Card Holders - if your card payment does not push through, you may need to contact HSBC in order to enroll your credit card to be used for secure payments online.

For orders placed in late December, we cannot guarantee that all goods will still be available.  Due to this concern, we may shut down the normal online store processes at any time starting December 23 or later, depending on our inventory situation.  Hence, the shopping cart may be disabled at this time. At this point, we recommend going directly to the CW Home Depot office in Pasig City.

1) Place items/orders into the shopping cart.
2) When prompted, select your transaction currency of choice.
3) After you are done placing your orders in the shopping cart, click on "Proceed to Checkout".
4) You will be asked to provide your contact information. Once done, click on "Next Step".
5) You will be assigned an order number. If all order details are correct, click again on "Next Step" and you will be forwarded to our third party payment gateway.  See the BILLING section of this page (below) for more information.
6) After successful acceptance of your credit card payment, you will receive an email confirming your purchase with us if you provided an email address during checkout.
7) Generally, orders are available for pickup within 48 hours, though there may be slight delays during holidays. 

If you made a mistake in setting your intended transaction currency, the option to change this will be available when viewing your shopping cart.

For Philippine Peso transactions, your credit card will be billed under the company name "SOLAR HARVEST, INC.".  For Philippine Peso or USD transactions coursed through PayPal, you will be billed under "DFX PROFESSIONAL SYSTEMS, INC."